F4FB Week 4 – Are you ready to Commit to Fit?

Jen Says:

Where has the time gone??? We have another week marked off the calendars. Another week closer to FitBloggin’11.

October PEOPLE!! It is OCTOBER!!

September flew by way too fast. I have already been back in school for one month. I love my classes and I they are keeping me very busy. I am already working on mid-marking period progress reports. Normally, being this busy would be just another excuse to not run. Heck, I had already blew most of the training I was supposed to do this summer. While September’s training was far from perfect, it was far better than August. AND, I learned a lot this month. (If you want to know more about all my learning this month you will have to check out my blog – only because I do not want to take up this whole post with my ramblings. Ya’ll know I could ramble on for days at a time and I really need to let Mandy have her say too! )

Mandy says:

Um…Yeah you do!

So, how was your week guys? Mine was pretty fantastic. Why? Because you all motivated me! I’m not a runner by any stretch of the imagination, but your incredible goals made me want to push myself. So….I did it! Instead of walking my normal 20 minute mile, I did a walk/run and pushed myself to a 15 minute mile! What??!! I almost collapsed on the track, y’all…but I made it! And yesterday, I whittled it down to 14:37. Something is in this Fitbloggin’ water. And I like it!

What about you Jen?

Jen says:

This week was my BEST training week so far! I only have two weeks until my first half marathon so it really is better late than never! I ran every interval on my short runs this week. My short runs were two 5-milers and a 3-miler. Sunday’s 9-miler was more of a walk but since I am fighting off a nasty cold (daughter & husband have full-blown bronchitis) I am calling this a win! I also did one yoga workout and while I would have liked a second yoga day I am calling this a win. I drank a ton of water and concentrated on making good for me food choices.

Laying it out like that, I realize this was an AWESOME week! I hit 95% (not a math person, I teach English, so the % is my own) of my goals!!

I NEEDED a week like this one. Thanks for sharing it with me!!

Mandy says:

Psssst…tell them the news, Jen!

Jen says:

We have some exciting news today!!

One of the main focuses of Fit4Fitblogging (F4FB) is to get fit by setting goals. I think Subway got wind of our awesomeness!! Today, October 4th, Subway is launching a way cool program called Commit to Fit. Commit to Fit is simply a opportunity for you to pick a healthy goal and work towards it – with the chance to win some pretty neat stuff along the way.. Because Mandy and I believe the mission of Commit To Fit is on par with our F4FB we thought you would like to commit with us!

We will continue to tell you all about our commitment to staying/getting/being fit and we will continue to encourage you to make your own commitments. And since Subway is hosting an awesome new program they have decided we should giveaway some pretty cool prizes to you who Commit to Fit. So that means you have a chance to win prizes here on Fitbloggin’, and prizes over at Subway too!

Over the next few weeks you will have to check out our F4FB updates because there are some awesome giveaways coming your way. I am going to leave you in suspense about the actual prizes but let’s just say, I am a wee bit jealous of what you can win!

So what do you think?!? Are you IN?!?

Mandy Says:

Um, YEAH they are!

My commitment this week is to see if I can get my mile time down a bit more. And to also not die on the track. Jen is going to keep on her training, while trying to dodge her family’s germs.

What are your commitments and goals for this week?


  1. says

    UPDATE: They infected me!! I stayed home from school today and napped! Pushing through and will log ALL training miles this week but for my short runs this week I am thinking about just walking and not pushing my lungs. I made such great progress last week that I MUST keep going!

    Thanks for following and I can't wait to read your commitments and goals!

  2. Barbara says

    I'm working on getting my step count to 15,000, even on the days that I don't run, and running 5 times this week.

    • says

      get your steps woman!! I am horrible about wearing my pedometer – good job!

      Running 5times!! YOU GO GIRL!!!

  3. says

    I accomplished my goal last week of upping cardio (started Insanity, oh my). This week I commit to stay consistent with this new program! Feel better Jen! Yay for Subway.

    • says

      oooh – I hope there are more details of your workout on your blog!!

      Consistency is the MOST important part of working out!! You can do it!!

  4. says

    I jogged exactly 1/2 a mile last night. I can’t tell you how badly it hurt, or how proud I was that no ambulance was required to escort me home. Of course, I have until May to learn to run 5 more of those in a row. Silly me, signing up for the FB 5K instead of the leisurely mile walk. NOOOOO, I had to pick the run past the harbor. Which I probably won’t see from the sweat stinging my eyeballs… 😉

    But something inside me wants this to happen. So I’m gonna wipe of my forehead, put on my big girl panties with the poise pad, and get to it!!!!

    • says

      might I suggest you get yourself a Bondi Band – they are the perfect headband – will keep that sweat from rolling into your eyes!

      AND, if you want, I will run that 5K with ya!!

      much love, jen