F4FB – The Girls Share a 3 Day Walk, a Half Marathon and Contest!

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Mandy says:  

It’s Fit for Fitbloggin time!    

How is everyone doing?!  Are you sprinting towards those goals?  Chugging along?  Or kind of stuck in a rut?  I think I may have been in each of those states as some point since we last posted.  Life has been crazy, and I have been all over the place.  

My biggest accomplishment has been crewing for the Breast Cancer 3-day Walk.  I have walked in the past, but this year I was part of the “crew” that man’s the walk.  I was at the last pit stop of the day, so each day was long and hard.  But I love the 3day, and so it was also amazing.  There’s nothing like seeing those ladies (and a few men) pushing themselves above and beyond their limits to get you feeling inspired.  

And speaking of inspiration….our friend Jen has done something pretty amazing!  Right Jen?    

Jen says:  

Mandy, you amaze me!! You have such a dedication to the 3-day! One of these years I am going to come and man a cheering station with ya!  

I am not a 3-dayer and I have not participated in many events but I have tackled a big thing. Of course there is a bit of back story: It was not that very long ago that I swore I would never be a runner. I initially started this journey to lose weight too help with the recovery from the surgery I was supposed to have on my ankle (long story – I was putting surgery off to repair my ankle ligament until the summer. I am a teacher so summer was the best time for a 3 month recovery). I honestly did not care about physical activity. I am a couch potato! But then I started walking. I walked outside, on a treadmill, and using dvds in my living room. I love walking, all forms of walking. Then there was a running buzz on twitter and I wanted to like it because all my peeps were having so much fun. I tried and it was not a good experience at all! Again I thought, I will never be a runner. But again, the running buzz happened on twitter (this time I blame Shrinking Jeans – those crazy girls trained and fundraised their hineys off not too long ago.) In February I started the C25K program and this time I was hooked.  

Sunday, October 17, 2010 I finished a half marathon!!! 13.1 miles of me and pavement & boardwalk. From a neverevergonnabearunner to a HALF MARATHONER!! And I have the bling to prove! it!! I will show you one picture from my race but you can read a full report here.    

Mandy says:

  That’s so amazing, Jen!  I can’t tell you enough how much I admire you doing that.  And we’ve had a bunch of great bloggers reaching for other great goals too!    

  • @Katdoesdiets has started insanity – and that is just plain…well, you know…insane.  Kick butt, girl!
  • Charlie H. has stated training for the Fitbloggin 5K – and hasn’t needed an ambulance yet!  Great job, Charlie!
  • Barbara is upping her step count to 15,000 AND running.  Her legs are well-oiled machines, y’all!    

Jen adds:  

I love these bloggers that Mandy mentioned and I am loving meeting new friends and learning more about current friends! Keep sharing people!!  

Sorry to interrupt you Mandy!    

Back to Mandy:

So you all have been committing to fitness too, right?  And remember how in the last F4FB post we mentioned Subway’s new program, Commit to Fit?  

Did you check it out?  If not, head on over to their facebook page and give it a look.  Jared is running a marathon, and to celebrate Subway is giving gift cards and a chance at some cold hard cash.    

Along with those prizes, this week we have two prizes.  First is a famous fan Subway bag.  We chose to pick a bag based on a local (to Fitbloggin) athlete – Michael Phelps.  It’s a reusable bag that contains a gift card, goggles, and few other Phelps-inspired items.   And this other prize is something we think a few of you fitness bloggers should really dig – a chance to interview Jared!  The Jared!  How cool is that!?!  

So what do you have to do to win?  Simply comment below!  Tell us anything – what your fitness commitment is, words of encouragement for Jared, why you’d love to interview him – anything!  You can comment as many times as you want (you know we encourage you all to cheer each other on) but only one entry per person will count.  We’ll choose the winner using random.org and notify you in the next F4FB post!  

Let’s hear it, fitbloggers – what say you?!


  1. says

    I just wanted to wish Jared well in the ING NYC Marathon.

    My fitness has been kicking butt since baby 4 months ago. My new goals are 1) yoga inversions (I want my handstand to be smooth), 2) qualify for a sub 55-min wave of a Memorial Day 10K 3) unassisted pull-ups

    • amndaj says

      Kia! You are one bad ass momma! Inversions!?! In my future yoga life I hope to be reborn as you.

  2. says

    Gosh, I am impressed with all your accomplishments over here! I am not ready for a half marathon or three day walk yet, but I did sign up for my first 5K in November. It will probably be cold and snowy…but I will tough it out. My other goals are walking/jogging 100 miles in October for the #OctGTD challenge…less than 20 miles to go!

    I would ask Jared about his training, how he deals with setbacks like injury or just not wanting to move, and how he handles the maintenance phase of weight loss.