Fit for FitBloggin’: What’s Your Goals this Week?

The FitBloggin’ Girls are back and motivating me on this raining monday morning. Chime in with your weekly goals.. I will be hitting up the comments with mine.

Mandy Says:

Another week to mark off our calendars – another week closer to Fitbloggin!  How has everyone done?  We know a couple of you are rocking it out…

  • Foodie McBody did her first 10K run.  Say whaaaaat? That’s amazing –  way to go Susan!
  • Kat Does Diets is working out like a champ! It’s sometimes hard to make yourself workout consistently, but she is getting it done.  
  • I’m A Drama Mama signed up for her first 10K race.  Why? So that she can eventually work up to her bigger goal of the Olympic Triathlon.  That’s insane!  In a great kind of way!
  • It All Changes has decided she will make it to the Turkey Trot.  No ifs, ands or buts…go get it, girl!

Jen Says:

I am the biggest slacker! Ok, not really but this week has been cah-razy!! We are in full back to school mode and this week was SO busy that it literally flew by. Last night was my Back to School Night and daughter’s was last week so school should settle into its natural flow this week. Of course, October is around the corner and that will bring on its own brand of crazy!

Of course, I totally ramble but all this leads to me just saying SORRY for being late with this week’s F4FB post.  Lucky for me, and you, Mandy is on top of us!

Did ya’ll know it was Mandy’s birthday week?!?!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my awesome friend!!!

Mandy Says:

Thanks Jen! It was pretty great turning *cough* 21 *cough*…for the 12th time.

My week has gone swimmingly!  I have been indulging in a little birthday yummyness, but a girl has to bend every once in a while, right?  Not break – just bend.  And although I’ve had out of town guests and a sick kid, I’ve still found the time to workout.  Even better, I got my eldest to take a long walk for me.  I was so proud of her – instead of pooping out at 1 mile, she was a champ and went 2.2 with no complaints!  We will be doing it more often, that’s for sure.

This week, my goal is to up my water!  I am such a water slacker – my blood must be like mud in my veins.  If I follow the plan, I might have to be tied down so I don’t float away.

Jen Says:

My week has been so-so. I ran/walked 8 hard miles last Saturday.  I yoga-ed with a friend from school on Monday. I finally found a yoga dvd I like and can follow. I had to cut two runs short this week because my back was out of whack but a trip to the chiropractor today and I am looking forward to this week’s long run.  I have finally been back in a groove with my training and this week’s little bump isn’t going to stop me! I am roughly 3 weeks away from my very first half marathon. Right now, this is all I can think about. October 17th!

This week, I would like to get ALL my training runs in the log book! Like Mandy, I also need to drink more water.

Now, it’s your turn…..what are you goals for this week? Do you need to drink more water?

Let us know!!!


  1. RonisWeigh says

    My goals are 3 runs this week. I really want to get out there but with weather and my schedule I can see it getting difficult. But I'm committing to 3 runs!

    • amndaj says

      Oh my gosh, this weather is killing me! I was hoping to take a few more walks with my daughter, but this rain is going drown own MD this week. I know we can work around it though!

    • says

      this weather has been NUTS! I am not looking forward to winter showing up but dang if August like temps aren't getting tiresome!! The whole East coast is in weird weather situations!

      Enjoy your runs!

  2. says

    Yay, I got a shout out 🙂 I didn't meet my goal of upping my cardio…SO, that's my goal again this week. more cardio, more cardio, more cardio!

  3. says

    I'm focused on getting my workouts in despite having a tweaked right shoulder. The good news is that I can modify both my kettlebell and kickboxing workouts (isn't it funny that my two go-to workouts are KB?). A massage and a trip to the chiropractor are in the mix!

  4. says

    My goal is to continue to do 3 runs a week. Started last week and it felt great! I would love to be able to wake up in the morning and do them, so that's my goal–at least ONE morning run 🙂

  5. says

    Since my last week went mostly suffering with cold and cough, this week i plan on doing some easy stuff, like continuing my evening walk, doing mild aerobics etc. And yes, am planning to start my yoga routine that somehow got stopped some time back.

  6. says

    Well unfortunately I went and broke myself last week, so I'm walking around in a stupid boot. However, still have my final weigh-in and body fat test this Thursday, so I'm still trying to push it!

    Used the "hand bike" last night at the gym. Looks completely stupid, but actually works pretty well!

    My goal: 6% body fat by September 30th (….2 days from now!?)

      • says

        Had the moment of truth this morning: 6.5% body fat….. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little disappointed it wasn't 6 exactly (or lower), but considering I started 4 months ago at close to 11% @ 191 lbs, and today I am 6.5% @ 176.2 lbs….. I feel pretty good!

        Now as soon as this stupid foot heals 100% on to the next goal.

        BTW, haven't officially "signed up" yet, but plan on making it to FitBloggin '11. Looks like there's going to be a ton of good information and networking opportunities for someone like myself who's just starting out!

  7. says

    What is this "water" you speak of? Do they use it in Coke Zero? Yeah, that's a bad habit of mine. I still drink lots of diet soda. However, I know that my body responds well to water, with the exception of my bladder. That has issues holding water until it's convienient for me. That's what 3 kids in 3 years will do to a girl.
    On the upside, I have been walking lots more than normal. Now that it's not crazy hot and the leaves are changing- it's perfect walking weather! Last night I got in 6 miles in 1 hour 45 minutes (a new record for me) and am planning to do it again tonight. Call me crazy, but I'm going to try and get in 100 miles of walking before the snow falls. 🙂 I LOVE un-obtainable goals like that!

  8. Thea @ Im A Drama Mama says

    Who you callin' insane, woman??

    I'm shooting for 6 workouts a week (shoot for the moon, right?) 3 runs, 1 bike, 1 swim, 1 yoga

    And I'm supposed to throw some weights in there, too, but I despise weight training so we'll see what happens with that…