Are you Ready to get Fit for FitBloggin?

FitBloggin’ is proud to present Jen and Mandy. Two amazing bloggers that are getting Fit for Fitbloggin’ and are bringing you along for the ride!

Jen says:

Fit for Fitbloggin is a little something we cooked up one night while blabbing on Skype, as usual. We started talking fitness and goals and of course our conversation led straight to talk of Fitbloggin’ 11. Mandy and I both attended Fitbloggin last year and we absolutley LOVED it and of course we can’t wait for next year. One of us even has a countdown ticker thing on our blog.


We were talking about how we needed to be more accountable to ourselves, how we should be using each other to reach our fitness goals, and how we needed to just start doing.  Plus, how we wanted to be HAWT at fitbloggin.  So we decided to post about it, and to invite others to join in!  

We talked (email, tweeted – it’s all same as talked) to Roni. Roni was totally on board, and here we are… two crazy chicks who want to be HAWT and basically we want to be FIT forfitbloggin. Mandy and I know we are not the only bloggers not at our fittest. We know we are not alone in wanting to be HAWT and FIT for fitbloggin. We wanted to do something where we could support all fitbloggers and each other as we ALL strive for better fitness and health.

We know it isn’t just to be hawt for fitbloggin. We know it isn’t even about being Fit for fitbloggin. We do know that WE need support and encouragement in our lives. We figure we can’t be the only ones.

But how do we support you?!? Yes, you, the people out there in blogland reading this post. You, out there, attending fitbloggin…you have your conference ticket and you have your room reserved and there are 252 days to wait…what do you do between now and then?!?

Mandy says:

Maybe you want to lose 20 pounds before the conference.  Maybe you want to focus on eating clean between now and then.  Maybe you want to maintain your current healthy habits.  Or just maybe you want to be able to run the 5K in downtown Baltimore with your fitbloggin tweeps!

What ever your goal, this is where you can come and be supported.  Your goal can change as often as you like, and we will still be here every week, cheering you on.  Because, what’s the point of having this amazing community if we can’t support each other?

So, here is what we are suggesting…

Every week Jen and I will post here. We’ll fill you in on our goals and how we are doing.  You, in turn, are invited to comment below and tell us two simple things:

  1. Your current goal ~and~
  2. What you did the past week to reach your goal.

You are free to make a quick comment, a longer comment, or even link up a full fledged blog post.  If you just to check in just to say hello, we’d like that too!  

Our goal is that by Fitbloggin, we will have learned more about each other, while pushing ourselves to be more… fit.

My personal goal for this week is to move.  I’ve been sitting on my derriere for the last week, and it’s time to get this body in gear.  (In case you were wondering, I can say through personal experience, that fitness doesn’t happen by just sitting on the couch.  Dang it.)  So this week I’m going to ease back into it (so my knee pains don’t get any worse) and I am aiming to include walking, yoga, and light strength workouts into my routine.

Jen says:

It is very important for me. I need to be fit. I want to be fit. For the first time in this whole journey I realize I don’t care what the scale says. However, I DO care about how I feel – heart, body, soul! That doesn’t mean I would like to be closer to 150 than 200 but I am not as focused on the number right now. Right now I want to focus on choices. I want each choice I make to lead me to the best life possible. I want that life to be very active but you see I am very lazy.

My first goal to be fit for fitbloggin and fit “in real life” is to make exercise a habit…a normal part of my day to day routine. I want to establish a 6-day per week workout habit.

How about you?!? What is your first Fit for Fitbloggin Goal?