Online Room Reservations Now Available!

We apologize for the later notice about the conference room rate. The Marriott was in the process of launching their new reservation system. Now have our own web site!

The standard room conference rate is $215, which includes in-room Internet this time. Click here to visit the location page with all the hotel information and reservation link.

Note: Reserve your rooms as soon as possible even if you aren’t sure you are coming. The conference is the same weekend as the Preakness and rooms go fast in Baltimore for the famous horse race (It’s one of the reasons I couldn’t get the rate lowered even more.) Just remember you can always cancel your reservations if plans fall through!

Oh! and remember.. feel free to use the Who’s Comin’ page comments to look for roomies!


  1. RonisWeigh says

    Just got word back. They will not. (I know you knew that already but figured it would be good to answer here too. 😉

  2. says

    Roni, is it possible that Thurs. night (5/19) is sold out already?? The website says it is for a standard room, and the only other room available is $235/night…

    • says

      Jenn – I wondered the same thing earlier. I called and spoke with the hotel and she said all of the standard rooms at the conference rate were already sold out for Thursday night. The only way to get a standard room for that night is to pay rack rate which is over $300. 🙁 The only option for Thursday night is the Harbor View King which isn't as appealing for roommate purposes. Well, unless you really know each well, I suppose. LOL

  3. RonisWeigh says

    WOW we did! I just contacted the hotel to see if we could get more rooms added on. I'll let you know when I hear form them.