Body Image and Blogging: What are we teaching our kids?

“Young girls are more afraid of becoming FAT than they are of cancer, nuclear war, or losing their parents.”

-Lisa Bergins, Dying To Be Thin

The Body Image and Blogging session will focus on body image and how you express your feelings about yourself on your blog.

  • Would you be proud to have your children, and/or family members read your words?
  • What have you expressed about your self esteem and body image that you may not want your kids to know?
  • Will your words have a positive impact on your children?
  • What posts will you be immediately deleting after reading this?!

Our children are the bloggers of the next generation.

  • As the bloggers of this generation we have the power to influence positive change.
  • How can we unite on this cause?
  • How can we collectively promote self esteem and positive body image?

Heather Blessington will lead this discussion joined by Marsha Hudnall, Melissa “Lissa” Henriquez, Carla Birnberg and a panel of health and body image bloggers sure to set off a lively discussion! She is the founder of the collective body image blog and, a blog dedicated to being a voice of reason for those with eating disorders.


  1. […] Love2EatInPA, a recovered binger who shared her story anonymously here on her blog at Confessions of a Complusive Eater. She and I discussed this topic quite a bit behind the scenes in the past few weeks, because we have daughters the same age, we both have recovered from an ED, and I am planning for a panel on this topic at FitBloggin (Marsha, Lissa, and MizFit are speaking as well!) […]