Beyond the Blog: Getting Published

Ever wonder what it takes to get a book published? How do you find a publisher? Do you need a literary agent? A proposal?

Join us at FitBloggin’10 for the Beyond the Blog: Getting Published panel discussion with out fabulous guests. . .

Come ready to ask your questions! This session promises to be a lively one !


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    Hi, everyone, this is Jennette Fulda from the panel. If anyone out there has any topics or questions they'd like to have addressed during this panel, please leave a comment about it. It will help us panel members tailor the presentation to what you want to hear about. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and having a fun, informative panel!

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    So here is my question. I so want to be there with you all and participate in the discussions! How about a tele-commute online meeting type log in (with special pricing) for those of us that can't get there. Is this possible? I would help in setting it up it any way I can if that might be a possibility.

    Let me know!