WordPress from .com to Self Hosted

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There are numerous benefits to having your own blog. Studies show blogging can actually be good for your health. A blog can be a powerful way to connect with other people, to share ideas, photos and information and even to support one’s fitness and health goals.

WordPress is a state-of-the-art blogging platform. It’s free, powerful and easy to use. Join us at FitBloggin to get all your WordPress questions answered!

During the "WordPress from .com to Self Hosted: An in Depth look into one of the Most popular Blogging Software out there" presentation, the following will be covered:

  • What is WordPress?
  • Overview of WordPress features
  • A quick demonstration of how to start a WordPress blog
  • How to move your existing blog to WordPress
  • How to get your own domain name and host your own blog
  • Adding extra functionality to your blog with plug-ins and themes

WordPress from .com to Self Hosted presented by Jim Doran


  1. […] WordPress from .com to Self-Hosted by Jim Doran – This was another great presentation.  Jim gave a very thorough overview of wordpress.com and wordpress.org.  His presentation of the pros/cons was objective and fair (which is very unusual in the software world where people typically take a love it or hate it attitude).  Clearly, it was persuasive since I made the move to my own domain.  Ok, well http://yourstrulytrayce.com also helped too!  The biggest takeaway from this session really depended on what your needs are.  I wanted more flexibility and control over the blog so here I am at my own domain! […]