Early Planning Stages!

Welcome to the home of FitBloggin’10! No, no, it’s not he tenth FitBloggin conference, it’s the first! Slated for 2010! The conference’s goal is to educate, inspire, share, network, and learn how to blog your way to a healthier you. We are planning on events and panels geared towards anyone who blogs or is interested in blogging about a healthy lifestyle. For a brief overview of the conference agenda check out the schedule page. More details comin’ soon!

The only problem is we don’t know how many of you would be interested in or have the ability to attend such a conference. So help us out and leave a comment below with a simply YAY or nay.

The first FitBloggin’ will be held in the beautiful Inner Harbor area of Baltimore Maryland, Saturday March 20, 2010.

So what say you? Right up your alley or no way man, conferences aren’t my thing.

I will attempt to respond to early concerns/question here in the original post as opposed to the comments.

First order of business… the location. The plan is for a traveling FitBloggin’ conference. The first year’s location was selected for ease of organization. If (when) it is a success the conference will travel to a new city in 2011.

Amy asked about fitness levels… Great question! ALL are welcome! Whether you are considering a blog to help you lose weight or an avid runner who archives their marathon training online. We aren’t here to judge each others fitness levels but to explore how blogs can help inspire, educate and help everyone live healthier lives.