Speakers 2015

  • Alyse Mason-Brill - @alyse_mb

    Alyse Mason-Brill

    Alyse Mason-Brill is one of the founders of Fit Approach, home of the #SweatPink community as well as CPO and founder of SweatGuru, an online fitness marketplace. Her background in wellness, technology and writing have led to her role leading product, operational strategy and design for both companies.

    A dancer-turned-yogi, intrepid urban cyclist, and design fetishist, Alyse loves turning big ideas into reality and geeking out on new technologies. Alyse has helped both companies find their brand voice, look and feel and launch new products. Combining her experience and passion, she now lends her skills to other brands, fitness bloggers, and fitness professionals looking to expand their reach and brand online.

    Prior to SweatGuru and Fit Approach, Alyse found her calling in the health world when she managed operations for HealthWorks, Kaiser Permanente’s workforce wellness offering.

    She has been featured in The San Francisco Chronicle and has had bylines in IDEA Fit Journal. She has also been a featured speaker at IDEAWorld, FitBloggin’, CapitalOne 360, and California College of the Arts.

  • Brandi Koskie - @brandiK

    Brandi Koskie

    Brandi Koskie is a dynamic personality in the wellness community. She’s a content marketing strategist who wields her digital pen as editor, writer, and social/content marketer for her company Clover Partners. She works with brands such as DietsInReview.com, Enell, TapGenes, Khombu, Madera Prints, SendThisFile, OU Daily, Leopard Communications, and many more.

    She recently added vagabond to her resume, after completing a 15,000-mile, four-month road trip with her family during the summer of 2014, which she recorded at ASummerOfHappy.com. The trip began and ended in Denver, Colorado, a beautiful place she now calls home with her husband and daughter.

    Brandi has been an annual speaker at FitBloggin’ sharing her passion and knowledge for digital content, start-ups, and the social community. This made her an ideal fit to lead our first-ever FitBloggin’ Social Media Team.

    You can find Brandi on Twitter and as ^bk on the FitBloggin’ Twitter feed.

  • Brooke Birmingham - @babnotonadiet

    Brooke Birmingham

    Brooke Birmingham is the mastermind behind the blog, Brooke: Not On a Diet. She started her blog back in 2009 as a way to document her journey to losing over 170 pounds.

    Brooke is most recently known for going viral in her bikini in May of 2014 after she was told to put a shirt on by a well known magazine. She was featured on shows such as Good Morning America and the Today show in Australia. At the end of it all she was brought on the Today show in New York where she came to a resolution with the magazine.

    This led to her story along with four other incredible women’s stories being shared in the January 2015 issue of Shape magazine.

    When she’s not taking the media world by storm, she can be found at home with Mr. B knitting and drinking the occasional beer. They also enjoy kayaking and dreaming up their next adventure.

    This will be FitBloggin’ No. 4 for Brooke and she couldn’t be more excited to finally be speaking at a conference that means so much to her!

    You can find Brooke at her blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Carla Birnberg - @carla_birnberg

    Carla Birnberg

    Carla Birnberg’s health philosophy (and life motto) is: Fitness isn’t about fitting in. She believes we may all share the goal of a longer, healthier, more vibrant life, yet it’s okay (even encouraged) to carve a unique path there. Her site’s tagline “unapologetically myself” has inspired thousands to pursue goals in their own way.

    She launched her popular blog, MizFitOnline, in 2007, where she shared health and fitness knowledge with humor and ease. She quickly became known for jettisoning gym workouts in favor of “PLAYouts” with her daughter. She has since expanded her site,CarlaBirnberg.com, to cover everything from personal development to motherhood with the same accessible voice.

    Carla’s engaging, keep-it-real advice has been featured in Runner’s World, Women’s Day, the Wall Street Journal, Fitness, Ladies Home Journal, Glamour, Women’s Health, Fitness, Yahoo!, Shape.com and more.

    She’s one of major fitness brands’ favorite voices: Carla was named one of Athleta’sFive Favorite Fitness Blogs, was chosen a Transform Your Workout Fitness Expert by Café Mom, Shape Magazine placed her in the Top Five Fitness Blogs, as well as One of 15 Fitness Gurus You Need To Follow On Twitter. She became Fila brand’s inaugural Spokesmom, and is a consultant to Venus Williams, who identified her a social media influencer.

    Avoiding extreme workouts and restrictive dieting set Carla up for healthy living success and enabled her to maintain her weight loss for over two decades.

  • Caryn Payzant - @TheMidLifeGuru

    Caryn Payzant

    Caryn Payzant has been blogging at TheMidLifeGuru.com since 2010. She shares the wisdom and experiences she gained in her first 50 years and how she is applying it to the next 50.  Caryn is always on an adventure — trying new things, looking at old things in a new perspective, and doing all she can to make the most of life after 50. She also tells the stories of other women over 40 who have gone down a new life path. Caryn’s goal is to share valuable and timely information to inspire others as they pursue their own dreams and aspirations.

    Caryn works as a social media consultant. When she isn’t online, Caryn is serving in her community. She has been elected to her local board since 1993 and also serves as the public affairs director for her church. Caryn’s passions are hanging out with her family, sewing, baking, cultivating friendships, working out and reading.

    Caryn lives in Southern California with her husband of 34 years, Kevin. They have three married children and have three grandsons: Jack, Hudson, and Beckham. The only bummer is that they all live far away, which means Caryn is on the road a lot visiting them.

    You can find Caryn at her blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

  • Chrissy Carroll - @ChrissyTheRD

    Chrissy Carroll

    Chrissy Carroll is a spirited blogger and wellness enthusiast.  The registered dietitian and certified personal trainer has a bachelor’s degree in nutritional science from Boston University and a master’s in public health nutrition from the University of Massachusetts.

    She is able to combine her personal passions with her professional work through nutrition and  fitness writing, speaking and coaching. Chrissy is considered an expert in the realm of endurance sports nutrition, and is the author of “Eat to Peak: Sports Nutrition for Runners and Triathletes.”  As a marathoner and triathlete herself, Chrissy is familiar with the racing scene and the issues many athletes struggle with when it comes to their nutrition plan.

    You can find Chrissy at her blog Snacking in Sneakers, where she writes about balancing food, fun, and fitness. She is all about embracing wellness in a balanced way, so while one post might be about her latest road race, the next might be about her favorite indulgence — dark chocolate-covered espresso beans!

    You can find Chrissy on her blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

  • Dacia Root - @MyRootstoGrow

    Dacia Root

    Dacia Root doesn’t like writing in the third person and lacks the wit to come up with something clever.

    If she had summarize her Fitbloggin-ness it would read something like this: Dacia used to be really fat. She lost a lot of weight by taking care of herself the way she should have all along. Because of this everything in her life has changed for the better. The end.

    You can find Dacia on her blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Dan R. Morris - @DanRMorris

    Dan R. Morris

    Dan R. Morris is the founder of Blogging Concentrated, a global training and development company for advanced level bloggers. He has been working in the online space since 2004.

    His career began in the infomercial world helping convert traffic driven from TV and radio into online customers. He has since worked with hundreds of bloggers on perfecting their online revenue strategy using social media, SEO and web copy.

    Dan believes that bloggers can build full-time incomes that provide vacations, great working conditions and retirement. His blogs, Dan’s Notes, and Blogging Concentrated, his keynote appearances and Amplify Podcast are designed to help bloggers and online business owners achieve those ends.

    You can find Dan on Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

  • Danielle Bonine - @fitmrsb

    Danielle Bonine

    Danielle is an avid “runner” who is addicted to races. Her hubby feels many of them are way too expensive but he wants to see her happy so he is willing to support her habit.  We’ll see if that changes as they pass the honeymoon stage since they are still newlyweds.  Her dream is to run a Disney race and 2016 is her year to accomplish that goal.

    Danielle is a teacher by trade and taught special education for 3 years.  She is now a stay-at-home mom for their two foster daughters. She wouldn’t trade it for the world.

    Danielle is the author of the blog Fit Mrs. B. She has struggled with her weight her entire life so blogging about it is a natural. She writes in hopes to inspire others to live the most healthy life they can while enjoying the journey.  If she could inspire just one person to change their life for the better she will consider her blog a success. Danielle is a selfie addict so watch out, you might get caught in a selfie.

    You can find Danielle at her blog and on Twitter.

  • David Garcia - @KeepItUpDavid

    David Garcia

    David Garcia is the Los Angeles-based blogger behind keepitupdavid.com, where he writes about health, fitness, maintaining his 160-pound weight loss, and all the struggles, successes, highs and lows that go along with it.

    You may have seen David talking about his weight loss on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” “The Doctors,” “Home & Family” and “The Jeff Probst Show.” He’s been the featured guest on a few podcasts and webcasts, and his story has been shared on AOL’s homepage and in newspapers across Canada. David is also an avid stair racer, racing up stairwells in the country’s tallest skyscrapers, and in a few short years, he’s become nationally ranked – getting as high as No. 148 in the country.

    You can find David on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Diana Stewart - @thechiclife

    Diana Stewart

    Diana Stewart is an aspiring polymath who dabbles in blogging, photography, and recipe creation, among other things. She’s an IT consultant by day and teaches Zumba by night.

    After failing her first Zumba instructor audition, she worked to improve her skills to make it the next year and soon after began mentoring new instructors joining the dance fitness company where she teaches. In 2014, she even won the Charlotte, NC, Creative Loafing Best of Charlotte Critic’s Choice Best Zumba Teacher award.

    Diana strives to stay true to her motto — Eat Well. Sweat Happy. Live Chic. Life’s too short to be unsatisfied with yourself. A “Chic Life” is full of delicious food, fun and fitness. Once believing that the only way to lose weight was to restrict and go hungry, she now knows that skinny doesn’t necessarily equate to health and happiness.

    This is Diana’s second FitBloggin’, and she’s really excited to share tips for aspiring and veteran fitness instructors. You can find Diana on thechiclife.comdianastarts.com, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

  • Emily Ho - @authemmie

    Emily Ho

    Emily Ho is the Owner of Authentically Social, a social media marketing consultancy for fitness, fashion, and lifestyle brands. Founded in 2012 after eight years of traditional brand management work managing product lines worth over $20M, her results-oriented social media, blogger outreach, and community management plans have earned Emily long-term clients across the United States.
    Emily is also the blogger behind the body-positive fitness and plus-size fashion blog Authentically Emmie, which has been featured in Ladies’ Home Journal, Shape Magazine, Health Magazine, the New York Post, Prevention magazine, and the AP.
    Emily is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with BA in Integrated Strategic Communications and MBA with an emphasis in marketing. She resides in Lexington, KY.
    You can find Emily on her blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter

  • Erin Kreitz Shirey - @powerfitness

    Erin Kreitz Shirey

    Excited to back at FitBloggin’ teaching the early-morning boot camp, Erin Kreitz Shirey is the “motivational mama that won’t stop!” according to fitness pro Tony Horton. An eternal optimist, Erin was awarded Alameda magazine’s Most Motivational Personal Trainer, Top 10 International Personal Trainers by PFP and Red Tricycle Healthy Mom on a Mission.

    Erin’s passion for helping improve one’s self esteem through athletics began at age 14, when she learned how to convert an eating disorder into something positive.  She got deeper into sports, focusing on triathlons and trail running.

    Erin’s inspiration stems from her three dynamic daughters, two of whom faced life-threatening conditions requiring extended hospital stays. Through their experiences Empowered Kids Events  got started — kids and their families using their athleticism to help charities benefiting those who can’t.

    Published in Parents, Good Housekeeping, SHEKnows, Competitor and Shape, Erin has a degree in kinesiology and is certified through ACE, Fit to Deliver, TRX, Stott Pilates Mat, Real Ryder Spin, Tabata Boot Camp and SCW Sports Nutrition.

    Erin helps you live your most empowered life blogging at DigDeepPlayHARD and as Girls Gone Sporty’s Special Populations Guru.

  • Gail Gedan Spencer - @its_gail

    Gail Gedan Spencer

    Gail writes about healthy living at her blog GoGoGail.com as well as FitBottomedGirls.com, ShrinkingKitchen.com and Examiner.com. She spends her mornings at Planet Fitness and chases lizards down the sidewalk in her South Florida neighborhood. She is often buried in an avalanche of diet books, protein powder samples and workout DVDs.

    She is the holder of many world records for weight-loss plateaus but refuses to give up or give in.

    She’s a wife and mom to a teenage trombone star, who is constantly at band practice.

    Gail is a former newspaper copy editor and content editor and has worked at Florida Today, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Orange County Register, USA Today, and the News Journal in Delaware.

    You can find Gail on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

  • GiGi Dubois - @dubagee

    GiGi Dubois

    GiGi Dubois is a healthy living nutrition enthusiast and blogger based in Los Angeles. With a unique comedic style and relatable approach, she both educates and entertains her audiences with a weekly blog/vlog, GiGi Eats Celebrities. GiGi’s passion for all things nutrition and fitness blossomed into a full-time focus when she encountered diet-related health problems as a young girl. Since then, she has led an active and healthy lifestyle and is committed to showing others how diet can positively affect their lives.

    A skilled writer, interviewer, and on-camera personality, GiGi has profiled celebrities such as Giada De Laurentiis, Molly Sims, Michelle Bridges, Denzel Washington and other Hollywood stars. She is frequently called upon for her advice and opinions by nutrition and celebrity-related media outlets. She has a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Colorado and a master’s degree in nutrition communications from Tufts University.

    You can find GiGi on her blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

  • Heather Hurd - @yummysushipjs

    Heather Hurd

    Heather Hurd is a professional copywriter, mom, yoga fanatic and super nerd. When she’s not working or parenting, she’s probably on the yoga mat.

    She loves YA novels, writing supernatural fiction, and watching teenager television.

    You can find Heather at her blog, Instagram and Twitter.

  • Jackelyn Ho - @jackelynho

    Jackelyn Ho

    Jackelyn Ho is a fitness entrepreneur who started Fiterazzi, a health and fitness magazine focused on positive body image. She managed more than 100 writers and contributors and created an engaged community who wasn’t afraid to share their physical and emotional journeys. After a year and a half, Fiterazzi magazine was acquired by Spright, a health and fitness destination that was in early stages of launching. She is now an associate editor for Spright and works on the company’s business development.

    Jackelyn is also a certified group fitness instructor, her main formats including cardio kickboxing, vinyasa yoga, and TRX.

    You can find Jackelyn at her personal site, Spright, Instagram and Twitter.

  • Jamie King - @littlekingfit

    Jamie King

    Jamie King is one of the founders of Fit Approach, home of the #SweatPink community as well as CEO and founder of SweatGuru, an online fitness marketplace. A professional hustler who thrives on forging strong partnerships, she helps brands big and small, bloggers and fitness professionals connect online in meaningful ways.

    Jamie is also the founder and creator of Glider Yoga, a popular cardio yoga workout. In her spare time, she is a competitive ultra-marathoner, an avid yogi and RYT200 yoga instructor.

    She is a health and wellness contributor for a variety of outlets, including Huffington Post, SheKnows.com, and CelebrityCafe, Jamie also has her own blog, The P.O.M. She is also a sought-after speaker on the topic of fitness, running, wellness, marketing and social media and has been a featured speaker at IDEAWorld, FitBloggin’, Yoga Alliance’s Business Of Yoga Conference, The Marketing Outreach Summit and much more.


  • Janet Oberholtzer - @janetober

    Janet Oberholtzer

    Janet Oberholtzer had big plans for her life. Waking up in the hospital at age 38 to discover that she’d almost died in a six-vehicle accident 12 days earlier was not part of those plans. Nor was spending over four years recovering from horrific leg/hip injuries and adjusting to lifelong pain.

    Somewhere between the surgeries, pain and hours of physical therapy, she was sucked into a vortex of depression. Finding herself writing her own obituary one dark, miserable night scared her enough to seek help. With the help of counselors, books and blogging, Janet learned to live well again in spite of the pain, limitations and deformed leg she now lives with.

    At least 20 doctors told Janet that running was a thing of her past, but by making adjustments (adapting a run/walk/run style) she was able to return to running a few years after the accident. Since then she’s completed a number of half marathons and a few full marathons.

    Today Janet’s days are filled with work, living life near the beach and sharing her story of overcoming obstacles to enjoy life again. She recently released the second edition of her memoir, Because I Can: Doing What I Can, With What I have.

    You can find Janet on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Jennifer Sader - @toledolefty

    Jennifer Sader

    Jennifer Sader has been a runner since 1991 and started training for her first triathlon in 2001, and has competed in dozens of road races and triathlons since then.  She is currently in training for the Challenge Cedar Point Half Aquabike, a 1.2-mile swim followed by a 56-mile bike ride. This will be her longest race to date, not bad for someone whose sport of choice in high school was reading.

    She began a blog in 2006 called Yet Another Weight Watchers Blog, which was rebranded to Perfect in Our Imperfections to reflect her shift in focus from weight loss alone to living a healthy, happy and realistic life. Blogging has allowed Jen to flex her writing muscles, practice social media marketing, and even do the occasional modeling gig.

    Jen has worked in higher education for 20 years, most recently as a faculty member, but also in information and instructional technology roles.  You can learn all about her career history on LinkedIn.

    You can find Jennifer on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google Plus.

  • June Ash Moore - @simplyjunebug

    June Ash Moore

    June Ash Moore spends her time chasing her daughter, writing, binge watching old BBC shows on Netflix and occasionally blogging at Simply Junebug.  Her blog, formerly Junebug’s Musings, has been around for nine years.  Her focus has been on infertility, adoption, and travel but is primarily a lifestyle blog.

    She has made many attempts at living the healthier life including doing 13 races in 2013 (10 5Ks, 2 10Ks and her first half-marathon).   This achievement was followed with injury and depression.  Writing, shared on the blog or not, has been the route to recovery.  Her current goal is to begin running in races again.

    Her day gig is nurturing the minds of 5-year-olds but she is excited to start sharing her love for the art of writing with fellow bloggers.

    You can find June on her blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

  • Kacy Meinecke - @KacyMeinecke

    Kacy Meinecke

    Kacy Meinecke is an accomplished Midwest commercial photographer. She is the food stylist and photographer for DietsInReview.com, and her work has been featured in Women’s Focus, Pretty and Splurge! magazines; USA Today’s online publication, NowU; and she will soon be highlighted as a special artist by Chimera Lighting.

    Her love for live music photography, especially when shooting bands like Fall Out Boy and Paramore, takes her to every corner of the U.S. A true picture of Kacy’s personality would include her very unnatural love (obsession?) for Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams, crying at every wedding she shoots, and spending hours arranging asparagus and quinoa.

    Kacy’s latest healthy endeavor is attempting to kick her ravenous Starbucks addiction, which will be tough because it helps fuel the little spare time she has playing wife and mom to two girls, two dogs and her cat. This is her first time speaking at FitBloggin’, and she can’t wait to help blogs transform their food shots into Pinterest gold.

    You can find Kacy at her website, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  • Katy Widrick - @kwidrick

    Katy Widrick

    Katy Widrick blogs about health and fitness at KatyWidrick.com, where she also offers tips and tricks for bloggers who want to make more money, get more readers, expand their reach and have more fun! With a focus on social media and search engine optimization, Katy also offers blog and social media consulting services for bloggers.

    A multimedia producer for Growing Bolder, celebrating active lifestyles, Katy is also a runner, triathlete, cyclist and exercise junkie! As an AFAA-certified group fitness instructor, Katy leads PiYo Strength, Turbo Kick and other classes in Florida when she’s not spending time with her favorite little athlete: her daughter Audrey.

    You can find Katy on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest,

  • Kelly Espitia - @CurvyFitGirl

    Kelly Espitia

    Kelly Espitia is the woman behind curvyfitgirl.com, where she blogs about her weight-loss transformation and her transition into weight maintenance.

    To date, she has lost 120 pounds.  Her transformation story has been featured in Weight Watchers magazine, Shape.com, and Newsday.

    Kelly lives in New York. This will be her fourth FitBloggin’, and her third time as a speaker.

    You can find Kelly on Twitter, her blog, Facebook and Instagram.

  • Kelly Olexa - @KellyOlexa

    Kelly Olexa

    When the company where Kelly was employed declared bankruptcy in 2008, that unexpected “time off” provided the ideal timing for a lesson in Social Media 101. Her blog, KellyOlexa.com, garnered a captive audience and produced opportunities to provide vlogging services for other brands. Kelly’s natural on-camera presence and charisma landed her a spot as one of 100 Ford Fiesta Agents for the “Ford Fiesta Movement” in 2009. In addition, Kelly’s engagement on Twitter has resulted in over 72K followers, regular placement among the “Twitter Elite” Top 100 (via Hubspot, TwitterGrader) nationally and in the Top 25 for Chicago. In 2010, Kelly became a member of the Sears FitStudio team creating weekly content and motivating others to get FIT! Kelly was also featured as one of the “Top Young Female Entrepreneurs in Technology by Business Week” for 2009.

    In 2011, Kelly founded FitFluential, a global community of highly influential fitness enthusiasts sharing their journey both online and offline via multiple social media platforms.  FitFluential creates marketing campaigns for brands interested in engaging with these individuals. As of January 2015, FitFluential has 15K+ members reaching over 300 Million people online each month.

    Passionate about social media- but more passionate about creating real relationships, Kelly is a social butterfly, both online and off.

    You can find Kelly on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

  • Kia M. Ruiz - @kiamruiz

    Kia M. Ruiz

    Kia M. Ruiz is a healthy community builder and advocate. She is active in local economic development, food education and yoga teaching circles. If you follow her on social media, you’ll l see her post often with the hashtags #realfood #getoutside and #joyfulfuel. There are some serious problems all of our communities face, but that does not mean that we should avoid maximizing our joy while taking personal responsibility for our actions.

    Kia is the person behind Ignite Fitness and speaker coordinator for ShiftCon for social media types. IRL she is part of the core team that had GMO labeling on the 2014 Colorado ballot and runs with the DenWhere folks. You can gleam her diverse background at kiaruiz.com  When you are not able to find Kia online, chances are she is outside where she uses some aspect of her training as a biologist every darn day

    You can find Kia at kiamruiz.com,  on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook,

  • Kirsten Stuart - @KyraTX

    Kirsten Stuart

    Kirsten, aka Kyra, started her blog, A Foodie Gets Fit, in 2009 as part of a Twitter challenge. Interested in food and cooking since she was a child, she loves to experiment with recipes, collect kitchen gadgets, and is a self-described cookbook hoarder.

    Because she decided that not everything needs to be bigger in Texas, Kirsten got motivated to get healthier and start to lose the weight she gained after she moved from The Big Apple. This will be Kirsten’s third FitBloggin’ and her first year as a speaker.

    You can find Kirsten on her blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Liz Paul - @Lutherliz

    Liz Paul

    Liz Paul is a wife, mother of two, and works full time for a Lutheran church doing children’s ministry.  She lives in the Twin Cities of Minnesota where she plays, works and blogs at Prior Fat Girl.  Liz has been obese for all of her adult life but since the birth of her son in 2009 she has been taking control of her health and her eating.

    Liz’s journey has had ups and downs as she has faced depression, anxiety, weight gain and loss, injury, and pregnancy/birth of her second child.  So far she is down 120 pounds and keeps striving to become the best she can be.

    Liz has been part of the FitBloggin’ tribe since 2013.  She loves books, science, theology, and board games.  She is a Muggle, a Whovian, a Trekkie, and more.

    You can find Liz at her blog, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

  • Meagen Johnson - @webprincessmeg

    Meagen Johnson

    Meagen Johnson is an entrepreneur, brand ambassador, flip-flop wearer, and avid triathlete.  As a sought-after marketing strategist for 20 years, her vast experience makes her a veritable Swiss army knife of talent, innovation and creativity. Her ideas and technical know-how earned her the nickname “Web Princess.”  She helps Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, bloggers, and fitness professionals achieve their goals on any budget.  She brings a passion to the fitness industry that is best deemed as contagious.

    Her expertise combined with her love of endurance sports sparked the idea to create theblister.com, a news and culture website for endurance and multisport enthusiasts. While still new, it’s already creating a buzz with bloggers and the endurance community.

    Meagen lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with her husband and four children and will complete her fourth 70.3 Ironman this year.

    You can find Meagen on her website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Rachel Marie Martin - @finding_joy

    Rachel Marie Martin

    Rachel Marie Martin believes in the tenacity of the human spirit and in the power of writers, speakers, bloggers, parents and entrepreneurs to make a difference in this world. Because of that passion and drive she has created a platform that celebrates this tenacity and inspires millions to action. She’s the writer behind the site FindingJoy.net, is a partner of BloggingConcentrated.com, is a co-host of the Amplify Podcast and a featured writer for The Huffington Post.

    Her articles have been featured in The Huffington Post, Star Tribune, iVillage, PopSugar, Parents and more.

    She speaks worldwide to moms, entrepreneurs, bloggers and professionals about a variety of topics ranging from motherhood to social media marketing to website strategy to writing to creating authentic community. In it all, Rachel believes in living each day intentionally and loves working with others to cultivate vision and realize potential.

  • Robby Lamb - @fatgirlvsworld

    Robby Lamb

    Robby Lamb found her life’s purpose under a pile of drunks at a Flogging Molly concert in 2007.  She had to fight to get back on her feet, and that “Fighting Spirit” not only became the theme of her recovery, but also the theme of her blog. Two years, three bulging discs, two steroid shots and lots of physical therapy later, she launched FatGirlvsWorld. Robby fearlessly exposes herself (ugh, bathing suit photos) and her struggle, discussing a wide range of topics ranging from the deeply personal (like losing her mom at age 13 or her sex life), to medical (her ongoing spine issues), to physical (boxing!), to the completely absurd.

    In 2014, Robby was featured in Ted Spiker’s book “Down Size” in the chapters on Inspiration and Resolution. She hopes to live up to being called an inspiration, even if it means fewer fart jokes on social media.

    This is Robby’s fourth FitBloggin’ (2011, 2012, 2014, and 2015) and first time as a discussion leader.  She is known for giving the best hugs.

    You can find Robby on Twitter, Facebook, and OkCupid (yes, gents, she’s single with a cat).

  • Sarah Bramblette - @Born2lbfat

    Sarah Bramblette

    Sarah Bramblette is a member of the Obesity Action Coalition Board of Directors and OAC Weight Bias Committee.

    Living with lipedema and lymphedema, she writes about her life experiences at born2lbfat.com and uses social media platforms to spread awareness about her conditions and to advocate for improved diagnosis, treatment, and insurance coverage.

    Sarah also shares her story in the media to advocate against weight bias and stigma, specifically in healthcare and the workplace. Her advocacy earned her the honor of being 2014 OAC Member of the Year. She has appeared on the syndicated daytime television show The Doctors, and in March 2015 she gave a talk at TEDxNSU titled Breaking Bias.

  • Schnelle Acevedo - @bklynactivemama

    Schnelle Acevedo

    Schnelle “Nellie” Acevedo is a busy mom of two young boys (2 and 5), a career woman by day and a fitness junkie by night. Nellie blogs at Brooklyn Active Mama, a positive community that focuses on demonstrating to all women that you can always find time for fitness. She features a Weekly Wednesday Workoutand a Friday Fitness Check-in series where she encourages readers to check in and remain accountable for their fitness and nutrition goals.

    In addition to getting in the gym five times weekly, Nellie became inspired to become a licensed Zumba instructor at Fitbloggin’ 12. She now teaches a regular high-energy Saturday Zumba class in Brooklyn. Since beginning to blog Nellie has lost 25 pounds (and counting)!

    You can find Nellie on TwitterInstagramFacebookPinterest and Google Plus.

  • Stacie Wells - @SimplyStacie88

    Stacie Wells

    Stacie Wells hails from the beautiful state of Georgia (hence the Southern in her blog). A year and a half ago, she started her blog, Simply Southern Stacie, as a way to chronicle her marathon training journey. What she did not expect was the overwhelming amount of support and kindness from the blogging community and blogging buddies, some of whom are now real-life buddies. Now, Simply Southern Stacie has turned into a place where Stacie shares her passions (food, running, fashion, travel and more) and aims to inspire and encourage whoever may read.

    Stacie is so excited to be speaking about overcoming personal fears at this year’s FitBloggin’! Plus, she gets to cross off one of her 2015 goals by visiting the state of Colorado for the first time!

    You can find Stacie at her blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

  • Stephanie Oxenford - @aahsteph

    Stephanie Oxenford

    Stephanie Oxenford is an IT project manager by day and a goal-chaser by night.  She grew up playing basketball, volleyball and swimming competitively.  She switched to running and triathlons after college and started the blog Athlete at Heart in 2010 to record her athletic endeavors and her journey to better health.  Since then she has completed several 5ks and sprint triathlons, two half marathons, and three RAGBRAIs (a week-long bike ride across Iowa).

    In 2012 several unfortunate situations converged that shook up Stephanie’s life.  She became depressed and anxious, she withdrew from activities, and she gained weight.  Her experiences in struggling to overcome these obstacles have moved her to write and talk about depression both as a personal outlet and to let others know they are not alone.

    Today, Stephanie is working toward big goals, such as losing the weight she gained and training for her first Ironman 70.3 in July 2015.

    Stephanie has been a proud member of the FitBloggin’ family since 2013.  She loves trivia, spreadsheets, traveling, and cake.  She lives in Iowa with her pets — a German shepherd and a crested gecko.

    You can find Stephanie on her blog, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Susan Ito - @thesusanito

    Susan Ito

    Susan Ito, formerly known as Foodie McBody, has been blogging at foodfoodbodybody.com since 2009. She has lived life as a couch potato, 5k runner, half marathoner, triathlete, type 2 diabetic, Weight Watchers leader, and a published writer.

    She has co-edited the literary anthology A Ghost At Heart’s Edge: Stories & Poems of Adoption. She is also a columnist and creative nonfiction editor at the online literary journal Literary Mama. Susan has studied with the San Francisco Solo Performance Workshop and performed her solo show, The Ice Cream Gene, around the United States. She writes and teaches at the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto.

    You can find Susan at susanito.com, her blog and on Twitter.

  • Sylvia Salcedo - @sylviasalcedo4

    Sylvia Salcedo

    Sylvia Salcedo is an acupuncturist and light worker who helps people cultivate vitality so they can feel great and create the life they love.

    She is the founder of the Acupuncture Lounge and the Denver Center for Acupuncture, both top clinics in Denver. Healing has been in her roots since she was a child. She pursued all kinds of professional degrees: B.A., M.S., MASOM, and L.Ac.

    She has spoken at the Metropolitan State College of Denver, the University of Colorado, the Traditional School of Chinese Medicine, the Denver Integrative Massage School, to name a few. She has spent her life nourishing and loving those people around her. She believes that, to create health in the body we need to start by connecting with the soul and the greater spirit.

    You can find Sylvia on Facebook, Twitter and her website.

  • Tasha Edwards - @hiphealthychick

    Tasha Edwards

    A Chicago native now living in Alabama, Tasha Edwards is a wife, mom, personal trainer, holistic health coach and yoga instructor. She teaches Zumba, is a Master Trainer for Piloxing and serves as an ambassador for Under Armour.

    After losing her first child, putting on an extreme amount of weight, getting pregnant again and then going through a divorce, depression set in, as well as unhealthy habits. When her son was a toddler and darted out into a parking lot and she couldn’t run after him, she knew she had to change.

    Over the years, she has battled anorexia, extreme exercising, binge eating, anxiety, low self-esteem, and the disease of comparison. But between all of that and another child, she has lost over 80 pounds twice.

    The heart of her work is to make health and wellness accessible to everyone and to support women in owning fearlessness and living authentic healthy, happy, whole lives.

    You can find Tasha at her blog, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

  • Terry Cabeen - @tcabeen

    Terry Cabeen

    Terry Cabeen jumped on the Internet bandwagon in 1994 and has been making web sites for about 20 years. From day one, his Geocities game was on point and fire GIFs have been on fleek. In these many years, great change has come over the web. New technologies and broken standards have made it a designer’s purest nightmare fuel. Fortunately, a new day is dawning for the Web, and the tools and techniques can make your site shine on any device with less effort than ever.

    Living and working at the intersection of technology and people, Terry brings a strong background in simplifying technical concepts and presenting information to a non-technical audience. He will clarify strong design concepts from accessibility to z-index (and anything in between).

  • Thea Rudland - @itsmevsme

    Thea Rudland

    Thea Rudland considers herself a work in progress. She’s a wife. She’s a mom (and her kids are awesome thanks to her stellar parenting). She’s a weight loser. She’s a weight maintainer. She’s a school volunteer. She’s a napper. She’s a walker. She’s a half-marathoner. She’s a triathlete. She’s a part-time library worker. She’s a scrapbooker. She’s a reader. She’s a TV watcher. She’s a show-tune listener. She’s an all-around cool cat. And…every once in a while…she’s a blogger who likes to write about all of that stuff at It’s Me Vs. Me.

    She used to be intimidated by the notion that taking care of herself was a life-long endeavor, but now she finds comfort in it. It reminds her that she doesn’t have to have it all figured out right this instant. Thea is one of the rare birds who has attended every Fitbloggin’ and she seriously can’t imagine her life without it.

    You can find Thea on her blog, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Ty Godwin - @seeksboston26mi

    Ty Godwin

    Ty Godwin started his blog, SeekingBostonMarathon.com, in 2009 as a way to hold himself accountable to qualifying and racing in the Boston Marathon. It was sort of a bet with himself that turned into a passion about his passion, which is running, more recently triathlons, and writing about it. Since starting the blog, Ty not only qualified for the Boston Marathon, but plans to race in his fifth Boston Marathon in 2015.

    This was a bit of an unlikely journey as Ty suffered from arthritis in his youth and used to make fun of his friends on the high school cross country team. Ty never really ran until the age of 40 when he was going through a “life change” and felt he needed to take steps toward a healthy life. He started racing and stepped up to the marathon distance in 2007. Due to an injury, he took up swimming  and stumbled into racing triathlons. He is a regular age-group podium finisher in both sports in the highly competitive Denver market.

    Ty is in technology sales, travels the world, and balances running with his wife and three kids.

    You can find Ty on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.