Ignite Fitness Tips! Apply Today!

The submission stage to speak at the 2013 Fitbloggin Keynote event IGNITE FITNESS is open until March 14th! We had a chat with Fitbloggin Organizer Roni Noone, Ignite Fitness Organizer, Kia Ruiz, and Ignite Denver Organizer, Terry Cabeen on February 19th. Some great questions were asked. Click here to check the transcript.

Here’s a few tips/key points from the chat…

  • This event is about community and how YOU are a part of it. Submit sparks that are going to engage like an elevator pitch to friends you care about and not a VC. Keep the submissions short and use a hook that speaks to you.
  • Be yourself – speak a topic you feel passionate about and would want to share with your mama, a loved one, or that hottie at the gym you have been trying to workout next to for weeks.
  • Be willing to travel to Portland, OR for Fitbloggin and handle your own lodging at the conference if accepted. You get comped a full conference pass for your enthusiasm to celebrate our community if you are selected.
  • Do not sell anything – nobody wants your informercial during this festive night.
  • Ask questions if you are unsure of a topic or how to craft it. Email kia via bodhibearinfo/gmail.
  • Refer to the original Ignite Fitness post from last month to reference the videos from last year and an example of how to do a talk.

What are you waiting for? Click here too apply today!