FitBloggin’12 Recaps – Leave Links Here!

FitBloggin’12 may have ended yesterday but it’s far from over. Please leave a link to your posts about FitBloggin’12 below to help find friends and share our experience with those that weren’t able to make it…

  • carolinecalcote

    My first link above is Day 1, the second is Day 2. Still working on the rest :) Had such a fun weekend.

    • Esculent Dreams

      i just finished Part 1! haha…. 2 or 3 more to go….

  • RunEatRepeat

    I have a few links to share!

  • RunEatRepeat
  • mostlyforward

    I had several posts and probably have a few more left in me…but here are the links I have for now. :) :) :) What a wonderful weekend!

  • Lauren

    I'm sure I'll have at least two more… but one is pretty heavy and might take all week to write! :)

  • Taylor

    I had a wonderful time! Something that has helped motivate me to take my blog places I wasn't sure I could. Thanks Roni!

  • Christie O.

    I have yet to make official recaps but these were during the conference when I blogged.

  • Faith Levine
    Thanks! Looking forward to checking out everyone else’s!

  • MegG

    The first link I posted is to the video that I made with Sana of Gabby of and Ericka of The second is my day 1 recap, Days 2 and 3 should be done by tonight!

  • Sara Hopson

    Our recap is up on the DailyFeats blog here:

    Such an inspiring and renewing weekend… thanks to everyone for sharing your stories!

  • Julie @ Am I There Yet

    Added one link! Its going to take a couple recaps to get in everything I want to say!

  • Laura

    Roni- you did such a fantastic job pulling this together. I can't wait to do it again! Linking up part one, and I'll be back with part two.

  • @brandik

    Visit our recap where we have an OPEN INVITATION to all Fitbloggin' attendees to guest blog with us. We had so much fun connecting with everyone and want to keep the momentum going. – Brandi @DietsInReview

  • karenclanderson

    As usual, I am able to better express myself in words than I am in person. Thank you Roni for creating such a powerful event…I am honored to be a part of it!

  • Tracey

    Thanks so much Roni for an amazing weekend. It felt so good to be understood and not feel alone in this journey. :)

  • christineyu69776410

    Thanks Roni for an incredible weekend! My post is mainly pictures and I plan on doing a recap of the sessions later this week. Thanks again!

  • @thegetfitdiva

    My post was how Fitbloggin inspired me to become a better me! Now look out for The Get Fit Diva Version 2.0!

  • Sana

    Thank You Roni for a lovely weekend!

  • Tamara

    Three posts in three days! Thanks so much Roni for all of your fabulous organizing and directing! Even the chaotic photo shoot came off well!

  • Sylvia

    I have a feeling I'll be posting more and I forgot to add my twitter name @cowgirlwarrior, so loving everyone's recaps

  • redefiningkim

    I'm so glad that I am off work this week – I'll have plenty of spare time to read all of these recaps!

  • Fit on the Rocks

    Thanks for the awesome conference, Roni! I'm so glad that I was able to attend even though it was only for 2 of the 4 days.

  • Alyssa

    This is my brief recap of ignite. Loved meeting you all! xoxo

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  • Teresa

    Photo recap!!

  • carolinecalcote
  • Lauren @ OAS

    My second re-cap is all about the SWAG

  • Steph

    Loved FitBloggin!! I left my link :)

  • Patty

    My first post was thank yous and a brief recap with pics. My second post was the words I could not say in the Self Acceptance session. I'm grateful to all who spoke. You gave me the courage to write this post.

  • @getfitchick

    It was an amazing! I hope i can go to next years also!

  • brooklynfitchick

    So happy I made it this year! See you all in June!!!

  • @sweatismysanity

    Sunday's post featured fitbloggin workouts, Monday's featured the fabulous food and Tuesday's post features a small list of tips. I learned so much there…loved it.

  • tracey

    Picture post added today! :)

  • Debra @ Miles to Run

    My recap was more of a self-reflection. Thank you, FitBloggin for allowing me to see things about myself that I've been holding back! You are all amazing, wonderful, and truly inspirational! xoxo

  • barrandtable

    Finally got to write my FitBloggin recap! Thank you, thank you, thank you to Roni and family as well as all of the wonderful sponsors for such an amazing weekend!

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  • @losing100lbs
  • Losing in the City

    Fitbloggin reminded me about the power of community. Thank you Roni and the entire Fitbloggin team..

  • christineyu69776410

    Recap of what I learned at Fitbloggin!

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  • Steve

    I feel weird posting mine above, because it's not a recap per se, but it is one of the biggest things I look away from the conference, so I'll post it here. :)

  • @TheBaconRunner
  • @sweatismysanity

    Sorry I keep posting them but I have a lot to share about how awesome fitbloggin was. :)

  • @katekatebear

    Had an UNBELIEVABLY amazing time! Sorry it took me so long to get my recap (novel) up…there's just so so much to share! Can't wait 'til next year! :)

  • mdoman2

    Loved meeting you all! As a former Baltimore resident, my posts were 50% about the city, 50% about the conference. Thanks for all the tips and fun!

  • Sarah

    My first link is about the Fitness part of FitBloggin. Surprise surprise I really enjoyed despite my bum knee.

  • Elisha Dew

    Self-Acceptance, Expectations, and Trust: What I Learned at FitBloggin

    Thank you, Roni, for an amazing conference!

  • No Thanks to Cake

    What an amazing weekend! Thank you to Roni and each of you for all you did to make it as wonderful as it was. Without each of you, it would have just been a stay at a hotel. I am SO looking forward to Portland! xoxo

  • makingovermerbear

    Added in my recap and shared some thoughts:

  • julie

    Great experience. I couldn't find a way to express it all, so many ways to look at it and share it. You just have to be there.

  • Shauna

    Just added my first post. Thanks Roni for organising such a brilliant even :)

  • Lauren

    This was my LAST re-cap, and the most important one to me. Warning, it's pretty heavy (and many of YOU are featured!)

  • Lynda

    Such a wonderful weekend with a fun and fantastic group of people!

  • Simplifying Sam

    2 more from Simplifying Sam!

  • marzipan

    Loved loved loved being at Fitbloggin this year. This is the post about what the discussion sessions brought up for me:

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  • Sean @ Learn Fitness

    Better late than never I finally got my review / summary of what Fitbloggin meant to me. I took a while to find the words but it finally happened. I hope you enjoy it!

  • Irene @ Speed Chic

    Looks like a bloggin' blast!

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  • misszippy1

    So late to the linking party, but I added mine. Roni–you knocked it out of the park!

  • @Tradledee85

    I posted Thursday and Friday (minus the keynote) recaps. I still have three more coming!

  • Dawn
  • Shira Miller

    I LOVED attending Fitbloggin 2012 and can’t wait for next year’s event in Portland!

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