Join Reebok and Experience the Sport of Fitness on Friday Morning with a CrossFit WOD


Reebok is so excited to be one of the sponsors of FitBloggin’ 12. Come join Reebok for a CrossFit WOD (Workout of the Day) on Friday morning at 8AM. CrossFit is a sport that encompasses community, competition, camaraderie and results. The work will be an introductory CrossFit WOD and we can scale the movements to your ability level. We will be doing Air Squats, Push Ups and some Jumping, and in the true nature of CrossFit, we will ensure there will be a little competitive element involved. Led by Reebok CrossFit One Coach, Jared Davis (@jdnatural), you will be sure to get in a great workout and have fun while doing it. He will be joined by 10 other coaches who will help teach the proper mechanics of the movements so we are all moving safely, efficiently and effectively. We will keep some details of the WOD secret, as CrossFit is all about being prepared for the unknown and unknowable. Don’t miss a chance to be coached by one of the best – Davis finished 22nd at the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games, and you’ll also learn about Reebok’s latest training products.

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  • Amy@spotonwellness

    I cannot wait to go to this session! It will be my first Crossfit experience! Man, FitBloggin is going to be AWESOME!!!!

  • Doreen

    Do we need to sign up?

    • RonisWeigh

      Nope! Just get there a few min early if you want to secure a spot but there should be plenty of room!

      • Doreen

        Great! I can't wait!

  • @foodiemcbody

    O BOY! SO excited to experience this!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cassandre

    i am so excited about this class. i have heard so many great things about CrossFit..

  • @crazedmom

    Cool i I heard about Crossfit and seen a few places that ofer it

  • makingovermerbear

    i'm scared of Crossfit, which is why I'm definitely going to try it at the conference!

  • mary

    I just did CrossFit for the first time on Tuesday, and am STILL sore (it's Thursday)….hopefully will be able to walk by Friday, to come to this workout!