Session Overview: Turn Your Post into an Article

Sometimes blog posts are so good, so inspired, that they want to grow into other forms. Susan Ito, blogger, editor, writer and writing teacher, will guide a hands-on workshop (bring your favorite blog post!) and show you how to determine if that blog post is destined for greatness as a magazine article or a personal essay, and then how to shape and polish it into a piece that will catch an editor’s attention.

You’ll learn the do’s and don’ts of submitting a piece for publication, and how to make your blog post shine for a newspaper, magazine or anthology.

  • Tara

    This sounds perfect!!! What are the details?!

    • RonisWeigh

      The Session is scheduled Saturday during the conference from 11:30-12:15 in the Get Down to Business room. We'll have more specifics as the conference approaches. Hope that helps!

  • @nycpatty

    This session sounds awesome and it might be my alternative way of writing.

  • Rosa Michelle

    Its always great to find new ways of improving. Will there be some online version of some dos and donts so that people will be more tempted to join you.

    • @foodiemcbody

      Here's a little teaser.
      DO include a cover letter that's one page or shorter. (example will be provided)
      DON'T tell the editor why you/your writing are more awesome than sliced bread (or cheese). These things will (or won't) be obvious in your writing.
      DON'T submit to more than one place at a time unless you're transparent about it. (these are called "simultaneous submissions")
      This and much much more to come during the workshop!

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