A Thank You from Shape Up America!

If you didn’t know, FitBloggin’ Speaker positions are on a volunteer basis.

It was Winston Churchill who said,

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”

For FitBloggin’11, in lieu of speaker gifts, we decided to give ourselves and pay our speakers’ kindness forward.

A donation was made in the name of the FitBloggin’11 Speakers to Shape Up America.

Shape Up America is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to educate the public on the importance of achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight through the adoption of increased physical activity and healthy eating.

FitBloggin’ shares this mission. We also believe that through technology, blogging and social media we can inspire and foster a culture of health and wellness.

Today we received this…

Dear Roni:

On behalf of Shape Up America!, thank you thank you thank you for your
generous donation of $1500.00 to our organization. It is not everyday that we
receive a donation such as yours.

Special thanks also to the FitBloggin’11 Speakers. We understand that this
donation was a gift made in their honor for volunteering their time at your conference.

We hope that you, your volunteers and your conference attendees will visit the Shape Up America! website – www.shapeup.org — dedicated to providing responsible evidence-based information on healthy weight management. Although our site is not targeting children, it is designed for adults, including parents who may be concerned about childhood obesity. Stay tuned to our website as we work to expand and improve content on childhood obesity.

Again, all of us at Shape Up America! wish to thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness.


Barbara J. Moore, PhD
President and CEO

  • http://www.nomorebacon.com Ryan @NoMoreBacon

    Love this! Thank you for sharing such awesome new Roni!

  • http://twitter.com/priorfatgirl @priorfatgirl

    I have goosebumps – individually, we all did our "part" but collectively, we made a difference. Thank you, Roni!

  • http://kclanderson.com KCLAnderson (Karen)

    Wow…this is terrific and I am so glad that I played a small part! Thanks Roni!

  • http://jackfit.blogspot.com Jack Sh*t

    I would have blown a speaker's fee at the dog track anyway. Much better use this way!

  • http://www.christieinge.com/ Christie Inge

    Awesome!! Love this!

  • http://eatwellwithjanelblog.com Janel

    Thanks for sharing this Roni!

  • http://www.runeatrepeat.com RunEatRepeat

    Thank you Roni! So glad I could take part :)

  • http://www.girl-heroes.com Jenn (GH)

    Thanks Roni!!! It was a honor to be a part of such a wonderful event!!!!

  • http://www.hiprecalllaw.com Edith Gordon

    Hi Roni,

    Currently sending you a guest post article. Hope it will be published here on your website. More power to this new progress on your blog.

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