Are you Ready to get Fit for FitBloggin?

FitBloggin’ is proud to present Jen and Mandy. Two amazing bloggers that are getting Fit for Fitbloggin’ and are bringing you along for the ride!

Jen says:

Fit for Fitbloggin is a little something we cooked up one night while blabbing on Skype, as usual. We started talking fitness and goals and of course our conversation led straight to talk of Fitbloggin’ 11. Mandy and I both attended Fitbloggin last year and we absolutley LOVED it and of course we can’t wait for next year. One of us even has a countdown ticker thing on our blog.


We were talking about how we needed to be more accountable to ourselves, how we should be using each other to reach our fitness goals, and how we needed to just start doing.  Plus, how we wanted to be HAWT at fitbloggin.  So we decided to post about it, and to invite others to join in!  

We talked (email, tweeted – it’s all same as talked) to Roni. Roni was totally on board, and here we are… two crazy chicks who want to be HAWT and basically we want to be FIT forfitbloggin. Mandy and I know we are not the only bloggers not at our fittest. We know we are not alone in wanting to be HAWT and FIT for fitbloggin. We wanted to do something where we could support all fitbloggers and each other as we ALL strive for better fitness and health.

We know it isn’t just to be hawt for fitbloggin. We know it isn’t even about being Fit for fitbloggin. We do know that WE need support and encouragement in our lives. We figure we can’t be the only ones.

But how do we support you?!? Yes, you, the people out there in blogland reading this post. You, out there, attending fitbloggin…you have your conference ticket and you have your room reserved and there are 252 days to wait…what do you do between now and then?!?

Mandy says:

Maybe you want to lose 20 pounds before the conference.  Maybe you want to focus on eating clean between now and then.  Maybe you want to maintain your current healthy habits.  Or just maybe you want to be able to run the 5K in downtown Baltimore with your fitbloggin tweeps!

What ever your goal, this is where you can come and be supported.  Your goal can change as often as you like, and we will still be here every week, cheering you on.  Because, what’s the point of having this amazing community if we can’t support each other?

So, here is what we are suggesting…

Every week Jen and I will post here. We’ll fill you in on our goals and how we are doing.  You, in turn, are invited to comment below and tell us two simple things:

  1. Your current goal ~and~
  2. What you did the past week to reach your goal.

You are free to make a quick comment, a longer comment, or even link up a full fledged blog post.  If you just to check in just to say hello, we’d like that too!  

Our goal is that by Fitbloggin, we will have learned more about each other, while pushing ourselves to be more… fit.

My personal goal for this week is to move.  I’ve been sitting on my derriere for the last week, and it’s time to get this body in gear.  (In case you were wondering, I can say through personal experience, that fitness doesn’t happen by just sitting on the couch.  Dang it.)  So this week I’m going to ease back into it (so my knee pains don’t get any worse) and I am aiming to include walking, yoga, and light strength workouts into my routine.

Jen says:

It is very important for me. I need to be fit. I want to be fit. For the first time in this whole journey I realize I don’t care what the scale says. However, I DO care about how I feel – heart, body, soul! That doesn’t mean I would like to be closer to 150 than 200 but I am not as focused on the number right now. Right now I want to focus on choices. I want each choice I make to lead me to the best life possible. I want that life to be very active but you see I am very lazy.

My first goal to be fit for fitbloggin and fit “in real life” is to make exercise a habit…a normal part of my day to day routine. I want to establish a 6-day per week workout habit.

How about you?!? What is your first Fit for Fitbloggin Goal?

  • yumyucky

    I want to be HAWT, too! Love this idea. :)

    • jen

      ummm…you are HAWT!!

  • Foodie McBody

    This is a great idea! LOVE IT!
    My goal is to be sporting some nice First-Lady looking arms.

    • jen

      You can do it!! Those rope thingies will be in your future!

  • debroby

    I'm in. my goal for this week: eat 3-5 servings of veggies a day and move as much as possible. considering I just had surgery, quite achievable goals.

    goal be FB'11: be back to my lean, mean, fightin machine self. and maybe not have everyone say they don't know who I am…

    • jen

      great goals!

      I can't wait to see you next FB11!!

      xox, jen

  • Gail Gedan Spencer

    I'm totally on board. I have lofty goals for Fitbloggin' 11 — whether I meet them or not is completely up to me. My first goal is pre-baby weight, which is 5 pounds away.

    Ever think of making buttons to put on our blogs that say "I'm Getting Fit 4 Fitbloggin' "?

  • Kerri O

    I'm not officially signed up to go yet..can I play anyway? I want to be hawt by fitbloggin! my goal this week is to work out consistently.

    • amndaj

      Definitely! All are welcome!

    • Jen

      totally!! join in baby!

  • Jen @RunWithCake

    What a great idea! I love it! I'm a running/cardio nut so my goal is to do more yoga and strength training in order to balance things out.

    • jen


      sorry, drooling over thoughts of cake.

      I can't wait to hear your progress.

      xox, jen

  • Veronica @ro23ro

    Count me in! My first goal is to get moving this week! I was on a regular schedule of working out and stopped! Back to Zumba and strength training.

    • jen

      I have yet to try zumba. get it girl!

  • mercade

    Can i participate even if I'm not going to Fitbloggin '11?

    This is a fabulous idea! My goal for this week and next is to eat cleaner – like I was when I was trying to get to goal weight! Yes, I made goal a year ago! Yippee! In the last couple of months, I've slipped and started eating less healthy foods here and there and more often. I want to get that back under control and focus now on reducing that ever stubborn body fat! I just can't seem to get it below 20%!

    Right now, I'm training for a 10K at the MCM on October 31st! This will be my very first race! Nothing like starting with the biggest and best (my opinion only)!

    So, here I am and that's my goal!

    • amndaj

      Anyone and everyone is welcome! Thanks for joining us!

    • jen

      I am right with Mandy…ALL are welcome!

      xox, jen

    • debroby

      Mercade, Can I assume you're a male? Women should not get below 20% – it messes with hormones.

      that slipping back is the problem a number of us have. It's easier to do when you're activiely working at losing -but so much more tempting when you're maintaining. Also studies have shown that exercise -especially strength training- is more important to maintenance than loss.

      Can't wait to get back into the weight room for more than just some leg presses.

      • mercade

        Hi Deb!

        Actually I'm female and I was at 17% BF back when I was in my 30s without any problems. I thought it was 10% you didn't want to get below due to hormone and amenorrhea issues? I'm a bit out of the loop these days with the research.

        I do weight training 3x per week, run 3x per week and have one free day to sit on my butt or do something fun!

        • debroby

          Really young women (in their 20s) may go below 20% safely, but the older you are the more body you naturally carry and the more you are expected to carry for healthy reasons. If you're over in your 40s? a true 20% body fat would be "competitive athletic" lean. However, you will not show a "6 pack" until about 18% bf. I'll admit it- I do not see the fascination with abs – give me lean, defined muscles that show every day.

          I like my older clients (and myself) more around 20-24%. It's safe and acheivable, and my arms/legs become sharply defined at about that 24% mark.

          For men, they have to get below 10% -down to about 6% – for the 6 pack to show.

          • mercade

            I didn't know that! Thank you for that information! I guess that means I'm at a "competitive athletic" level, but I sure don't feel like it! I still have considerable flabbiness around the abs and not much muscle definition. If I could drop the Ab Flab, I'd be happy! My muscle definition will return once I get back to heaver weight lifting. While I train for my race, I'm doing weights, but mostly moderate weights just so I don't lose any muscle mass.

            Thanks for the that information, Deb!

          • debroby

            How are you measuring your body fat? Tape measure with 3 circumfrences? Someone doing calipers? If you're talking BMI, I find that BMi is typically off by a few points. (for example, my BMI is 25%, my tape measure score is 28%, my caliper score -and impedence scale score – is 30%. My eye would say I'm 30% instead of 25%.

            How old are you?

          • mercade

            Deb, I'll be 49 next month. Skinfold calipers.

  • ChFree

    I'm signed up to run my first 5k on Sept 26th…YIKES!!!! Anyway, I love this idea and hope to attend fitbloggin11.

    • jen

      good luck on your 1st 5k! Let us know all about it!

      xox, jen

  • Lissa-ShrinkingJeans

    I want to be HAWT with my favorite ladies! ;p

    • jen

      dude, you are HAWT!! but lets get hawter!

  • juliejulie

    I'm in too! My goal is to run at least 4 days a week, every week, not just whenever the mood strikes. The more I run, the better my mood is, anyway. Can't wait to see y'all there!

    • jen

      julie, I am totally with you! I need to run with consistency – every week!! We can do this!!

  • jen

    you are so sexy!

  • Sean @ Learn Fitness

    This is a great idea! For me this week I want to get at least 3 runs in along with at least a 40 mile bike ride this weekend. I also want to eat clean all weekend without straying as I’d like to lose some weight this week as well.

    • jen

      good luck with your goal – sounds like you have a plan. Weekends are so very hard to stay on track…keep us posted!

  • jen

    good luck with your goal. BFL interests me so I will have to check out your experience.

    xox, jen

  • Shelley

    I can't wait for Fitbloggin'! I hope to be to my goal weight… and I hope to finally get back on track tomorrow… since I have gained back everything in the past 6 months.:(

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  • Luke R.

    Hm, not sure if I'm going to make it to FitBloggin '11, but definitely considering it…

    My current goal is to be at 6% body fat by the end of September. Currently at a little over 7%.

    I plan on achieving the goal by:
    – Cycling Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
    – Lifting Monday and Friday
    – Running Wednesday and Saturday
    – Yoga on Wednesday
    -.. and maybe some rock climbing in there just for fun!

  • kia

    I too want to be hawt for fitbloggin'

    I just had a baby 4 months ago. My big goal is to kick major ass in any 5ks or other running distances at the conference.