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FitBloggin’ is proud to welcome it’s first guest poster and we are more then ecstatic that it’s Pastaqueen, AKA Jennette Fulda. Jennette is the author of “Half-Assed: A Weight-Loss Memoir,” which chronicles her 200 pound weight loss, as well as the forthcoming “Chocolate and Vicodin: My quest for relief from the headache that wouldn’t go away.” She blogs at PastaQueen and designs web sites at Make My Blog Pretty.

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you’ve probably tried the usual tricks like eating less and moving more, but have you tried blogging? Typing doesn’t burn many calories, but blogging can provide accountability and support which are a helpful part of any weight-loss plan. Here are some tips for how to become involved in the healthy living blogosphere:

1) Lurk before you blog.
Start by reading other healthy living blogs. Not only are they inspirational, they’ll give you a sense of what you’d like your own blog to be like. Some bloggers give detailed accounts of their diet and exercise plans, while others delve into emotional issues behind eating. Foodies like to take photos of their healthy meals and often share recipes. You can find a directory of healthy living bloggers at sites like Blog To Lose or Fat Fighter Blogs, though the latter hasn’t been updated recently. Most blogs feature a blogroll, which is a list of other blogs they recommend, which can send you clicking for hours. Check bloggers’ Twitter pages to see if they’ve created lists of other healthy living bloggers for you to peruse.

2) Sign up for your own site. It’s free!
If you can type and click a mouse button, you can start a blog. Popular services like Blogger and WordPress make it easy to set up a site within minutes. You can personalize your blog by choosing from dozens of templates and widgets. Try to update your blog at least once a week, and more often if you like. Your blog is like a house plant, it needs care and attention to thrive. And like your healthy living plan, it requires dedication over a period of time to see results.

3) No blog is an island. Participate in the healthy living blogosphere.
Start commenting on your favorite blogs and leave a link back to your own site in the appropriate field. Sooner or later those bloggers or their readers will start stopping by your site. Many bloggers are on Twitter and enjoy interacting with their readers, so join the conversation there too. If you visit weight loss forums on sites like SparkPeople, leave your blog address in your signature. Once you’ve made some friends, you might even arrange to meet in person at local sporting events or national conferences like FitBloggin’ or BlogHer.

So, what are you waiting for? There is an active community of active people out there waiting for you to join them.

This post originally appeared on Diets in Review.

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  • Ben (@benjamteal)


    Great post, and good advice. Blogs are alive, they grow and change over time, and they really do become part of you. One of the neat things I learned about fitbloggin' and the community is that it really is a community, one that supports you through the ups and downs, and that is very accepting.

    Again, great post!


  • juliejulie

    Hi Jannette,

    I finished your book – loved it – and was going telling my mom about it when my 13 year old daughter piped up that she'd borrowed it from me and read it too and also loved it. She's one of those naturally thin girls (takes after her dad) who will probably never experience being overweight. I think she got a good perspective on healthy, beauty and body image and how people treat each other from your book. Have you ever thought about passing out copies to an organization like Girls on the Run or other educational orgs that focus on middle school girls? Seems like a great book for this age group to read, because you are a happy person, you didn't blame the world, and you changed your body and your life. Very powerful stuff.

    Thanks again for writing it,


  • Jennette

    Hi Julie, I'm glad everyone in your family has enjoyed the book! Thank you for the suggestion about Girls on the Run. I will have to look into that. Thanks for buying the book. I appreciate the support!

  • Nutritional Melts

    I've been in the lurker stage for a very long time. I feel that after lurking so many blogs, what I would have to say really won't too different or stand out too much from the opinions and stories out there. If I have something new and outstanding to say I will share it!

  • Chunkey Monkey

    Thanks for the tips! I am ready to start this journey!

  • Linsey Wolgamot

    Awesome site you have here, good info.

  • Celeste

    I am having a hard time with the ww program. I was just given some good advice last night and would like to pass it along.
    I always go over my points at dinner time. The WW host told me to start my day at dinner time. I tried it today and I did pretty good. I used up all my points at a dinner outing. Not to worry. I went to bed soon after and then the next day…..I could eat all the fruit and veggies I wanted since they are free points. I drank lots of lots of water to hold me over too. I had a cup of coffee in the am as well. I made it to dinner time and was not really that hungry. I ate a sensible dinner this time and now I have a lot of points for tomorrow's breakfast and lunch. This is really going to help me.

  • haibo

    Great idea to ensure success. I also like the picture :) Thanks so much for your informative posting!

  • details?

    Hi Jie, are you going to give us some details on doing the blogging as well? Thanks!

  • Shawn

    As much as possible, create pieces that interest others. In short, write for your audience, not for your personal interest only.

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  • Mike Long

    I recently started reading healthy living blogs to get inspiration.It's been working great so far love the website sparkpeople you recommend.Im glad I found your blog.

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  • Ro @ Eat Live Move

    Thanks for the sound advice. I recently started my new blog and I'm having a lot of fun! Thanks again!

  • Ab Machines

    Great post.Thanks for sharing such a useful information with us.