FitBloggin’ Links Galore! Add Yours?

Crab a cup of coffee, or if you are like me, tea and check out all the wonderful posts from FitBloggin’ Attendees!


I’m so sorry if I missed you. It’s been really hard keeping up! Please add you FitBloggin’ link below using the Mr. Linky.

Feel Free to put a descriptive “name” in the name field. Not like me, with a simple “Roni.” That’s not too descriptive but hey.. I had to test it, right? 😉

  • Katy

    Just left my link to my recap post! :)

  • Ray

    Thanks for a great site!

  • Julie @Savvy Eats

    I left the link to my Friday recap, and you can find my Saturday/Sunday recaps on my site!

  • Ivie

    I posted my link, then realized it posts your full name…..but I can't figure out how to edit out my last name.
    Can that be fixed?
    Please update #27 to just "Ivie" or "Ivie's Journey".

    • RonisWeigh

      done. :)

  • @juliejulie

    I saw Mr. Linky down here this morning but now I can't find him. User error, I'm sure. Here is my post:

  • justfortuitous

    left my link in the recap! =)

  • Sarah

    Congrats on your new endeavor

  • Aaron

    Thanks for adding my link.

    • rozsa

      Where is it? This site is a little bit confusing.

  • Kristi

    Thanks for adding our link :)

  • Charlie Hills

    Guess I'll throw mine in down here, since Mr. Linky is reporting "expiration: 2 hours ago":

  • Charlie Hills

    Wait a minute. I'm already up there. That's spooky…

    • Roni

      yup… a little fairy must have done it for you. Hmmmm wonder who that could have been?

  • Vitamins

    Well that's certainly a lot friends you have already blogging online!