We are Alive! I Swear! – News and a Call for Ideas

Roni here. I just wanted to let you know that although it may appear there has been no activity going on for FitBloggin’ I’ve been organizing and moving forward. Not only moving forward but making GREAT progress!

First I’d like to announce the involvement of Wellington Group. They have been MORE then helpful laying the foundation for what I know will be an amazing conference. Seeing as I have never organized an event like this before, their help, advice and input has been invaluable.

Second, I hope to get more information about, and for, sponsors in the next month but more importantly I’m interested in what YOU want out this event. After all, if it’s a place to connect, learn, grow and network what is it you want to connect, learn, grow and network about? I’m hoping to see if my ideas are on the right track but to also make this conference a place where we, collectively drive it’s direction.

So please feel free to leave a comment here with any ideas, requests, questions or advice about the conference. If you’d rather send me an email (roni@skinnyminnymedia.com), that’s ok too!

Note: Just be aware it may take me a week or two to respond to both comments and emails. :)

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  • http://www.twentysixpointtwoormore.blogspot.com ShutupandRun

    I want to know more about this conference; I’d love to be there!!!

  • http://Website BK

    definitely interested in learning more about the conference especially since it’s so close to me!

  • http://sweetandfit.wordpress.com/ Jasmine (Sweet and Fit)

    I would love to go =)

  • http://spiritjewelz.multiply.com Kim; aka theblueswans/twitter

    Hi, I had a look here at the site– one of you pages says 2010, one says next month… what are the dates you are considering next month– (I have to plan things wayyy ahead, plus am already traveling South that month so would love to squeek it in!
    I vote for yoga classes, some feng shui or other similar thoughts on clearing clutter/life clutter, always some kind of baubles (be they fitness related or merely shiny pretties that one can exercise in), and hey a comedian would be fabulous! Laughter is great fitness!

  • http://FitBloggin.com Roni

    Kim – Yoga is on the agenda! and it’s March 2010

    Where did it say next month? it’s a typo!

  • http://www.familyinshape.typepad.com SpinDiva

    This is a fantastic idea. I don’t know that I will be able to attend as we are moving to Cuba in a few weeks and traveling might be a little difficult that time of year for me. Anyway, you have my support and would love to help, participate from afar if at all possible, at the very least, the details after the fact would be awesome. Good luck getting things organized for the event. Do you have a preliminary agenda yet?

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