FitBloggin’ – Boys Welcome!

boys welcome

It has been brought to my attention that FitBloggin’ is giving out a female vibe. That was totally NOT our intention. The whole idea behind this conference is to bring together bloggers who have similar interests not similar reproductive organs. 😉

In all seriousness, I want to squash the idea that we are a women’s only event. I invite my fellow health/wellness/fitness bloggers to reach out to the male side of the blog-o-sphere letting them know!

I should add I find the need to point this out incredible funny as a women who’s worked in technology for the last 10 years.

  • Jim

    Ooooooh! Now you tell us.

  • Rebeca

    How do we sign ourselves up?!? I can’t wait!

  • Bill

    Oh great, and I’m already halfway through the sex change!

  • The Fat Geek

    I am planning to attend, even if I am the only guy…actually, especially if I am the only guy!

    Could be made avail for many panel discussions. If you have a list, or a wish list, of topics I could indicate areas that I would consider myself an authority. I.E. I get paid for my knowledge about that topic in my real job.

    Really looking forward to this conference.

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